Audio Book Rights

Audio Book Rights


Many will ask themselves, “Who cares about audio rights to books?” Trident Media Group does and focuses on this important area.

Trident’s literary agents understand the importance of keeping audio rights for their authors. Audio rights can be an additional important revenue source for authors, and an audio book also increases a work’s overall value and exposure.

According to the Wall Street Journal, annual audio book revenues now exceed $1.2 billion, up from $480 million in retail sales in 1997. Trident’s audio revenue for its clients has been several million dollars for the last three years, and this is a standard that Trident is dedicated to upholding.

In a world where people are increasingly on-the-go, audio books provide a way for individuals to enjoy literature in a format that suits our modern lifestyle. Whether someone is commuting to work or working out at the gym, an audio book is always just a click away. Having a literary agency that additionally handles the negotiation and sale of audio rights means that authors can expect a greater level of individual attention. Whereas other agencies may negotiate for audio sales as time permits, Trident believes that each project should be reviewed and discussed with potential buyers and that the literary agent should work to ensure the author has the greatest creative control over their work as possible. Individualized attention and author oversight ensure the highest quality audio product. With ever evolving technology, the audio book marketplace is a rapidly changing landscape, and Trident is excited to be a part of it.