Trident Books in Film & TV

Trident Books in Film & TV

“Books are the prime content source for many types of visual entertainment, but the economics of those other entertainment formats are so different than publishing,” says Dan Strone. Robert Gottlieb emphasizes that “Trident as a literary agency has had notable success in getting its clients’ books adapted for feature motion pictures, various electronic devices, and for viewing on cable and network television. Dan always reminds clients that “there are fewer entertainment offerings in other formats when compared with the vast number of books published each year. The process is much slower, and then there is no assurance that the finished product will bear any resemblance to the book.”

Why does Trident Media Group put so much effort in to create various entertainment products from a book? “Branding is one reason,” says Robert. “There is the potential for a much larger audience to be introduced to the author and become fans of the books.”

Dan emphasizes the potential economics. “The fees from other forms of entertainment can be very significant, and as Robert points out, the resulting branding can lead to increased sales of the author’s books.”

All of Trident’s literary agents work to make deals for their authors’ works in other forms of entertainment. They interact directly with producers, studios, networks, cable companies, production companies, talent managers, attorneys, and talent agencies located around the world. They have an enviable record of success of converting books into other forms of entertainment. Films and other forms of programming based on Trident’s clients’ books have won numerous awards and have achieved great commercial success.

“My advice to authors has been consistent,” says Robert. “Focus on your writing, and do not be distracted by other forms of entertainment. If there is the potential for a book to become the source of another form of entertainment, Trident will make that happen for you. Our literary agents have the record and the credibility to achieve that success.”